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JBD Design Group is a full-service interior design firm with an impressive portfolio that includes a divers range of residential and commercial projects.

Today, JBD is one of Vancouver Island's forerunners in 'Green Design Development' with focus on theuse of local resources, emphasis on energy efficiency, waste reduction and creating healthy environments.

"A Team Approach for Successful Projects"

JBD proudly presents dmb, jbd Design Group's unprecedented management process has been intricately crafted to achieve excellence in customer service and quality products.

dMb is the process of working together with industry professionals who have proven track records, are open minded and work well together as part of the "team".

Through associations with industry professionals with over the past 15 years, dmb has been developed, tested and proven successful.

"Industry professionals agree that the processes of dmb offer the ultimate approach for the delivery of successful projects."

The traditionally fragmented event of designing and building a project involves numerous consultants, trades and suppliers who are often working together for the first time. This process, primarily coordinated by the clients themselves, often results in cost overruns, schedule delays and projects being unsatisfactorily built.

"Jbd presents dmb in response to the difficiulties experienced in the traditional design build process by offering a practical solution which begins with our initial client meeting and continues throughout the processes."

At the onsent, JBD offers an initial client meeting from which informatino is taken to provide the project plan.

"dmb streamlines communications for the delivery of successful projects."

With the clients goals, visions and priorities clearly defined, the projects unfold through the processes of dmb to ensure that your project is a timeless, quality product, which has been designed to meet your needs and express your own unique style providing long term enjoyment and value added investment to your project.

"dmb embeds the project goals and details from concept to completion to ensure that your vision becomes the reality."

The benefits of dmb augment the already amazing services offered at jbd by extending services to include land acquisitions, project feasibility, surveying, engineering to name a few.


The JBD design team is an integration of creative professionals each bringing highly valued skills to the production of your project.
Our team is continually updating and educationg themselves in the latest products and their applications. We embrace each new project as an opportunity to achieve excellence; creating timeless designs which we can be proud of no matter the size.

• Marketing & sales
• Business development
• Design concepts & development

“Every project is important regardless of its size”
Amber Harris the founder and creator of this well established design firm provides her self and her team in delivering projects that are unique, affordable ands on time. The company gives its commitment to deliver all aspects of design from front to back. Her long term connections and relationships give this team its unique advantage to deliver each and every detail. We take our projects very seriously and feel we go that extra mile to understand our client’s life style and how their space should function. JBD’s creator is always seeking ways to find affordability with out compromising quality. Amber’s commitment to the environment and affordable housing is high on her list of future endeavors.

Architectural Drafting Technician Certificate

• Graphic Design / Branding
• Computer Renderings
• Design Concepts and Developments
• Specifications
• Construction Background

• Design concepts & development
• Auto Cad drawing packages
• Specifications
• Renderings
• Branding & Graphics
• Artwork
•Window Coverings Design & Specifications

“Passionate, unique, creative, a youthful approach”
Alana has concord and crossed more barriers that designers her age. Her ability to design new ideas has made this designer a legend before her time. Alana continues to set new directions for McDonald’s restaurants corporate designs, and her ability to link the projects with CAD Drafting, specifying, branding and graphics gives her projects a special stamp in design. Her attention to detail gives her residential projects their own identity and uniqueness. Her conceptual renderings are accurate, slowing JBD clients to visualize their end results with ease. Alana refuses to compromise on the old or ordinary. She is a perfectionist and her work continues to reflect this.

• Site documentation
• Auto Cad drawing packages
• Auto Cad 3D modeling

“Technical, Detailed, doesn’t miss a beat”
Greg loves to create a building inside and out, along with all those details that make your project special. With eleven years of experience this Cad Technician has a vast understanding of his field. Greg has previously worked for and architectural firm in Calgary. His background also consists of architectural and structural steel detailing making for a solid structural project. Millwork drawings, site review, specifications are some of this designers talents. Greg also creates 3D Cad modeling allowing JBD clients to get a clear picture of their future projects.

Master in furniture design / teacher in millwork and kitchen design
Extensive art background / own furniture line
• Design concepts & development
• Auto Cad drawing packages
• Millwork design & drawings
• Specifications
• Furniture design
• Textile design

“Experience, a blend of many countries, and styles.”
Izabela has designed internationally for a great part of twenty five years. This diverse industrial designer has mastered many fields of design. Her ability to communicate in seven languages has enabled her to work and experience many cultures of design. Izabela’s achievements are great. Her eight years in Montréal teaching millwork and her masters of science in wood technology, specifying and Cad drafting make her stank out in the millwork and kitchen industry. Her interior design, textile design and furniture design background has allowed Izabela to create her own furniture lines and textiles. This designer also has a famous art background. All of her experience combined makes our team honored to have Izabela on board.

• 2nd year business student.
• General contracting background.

“Every detail, she's on it.”

• Bookkeeping
• Ordering, shipping and handling

“I’m on it”
Shannon’s ability to track, order, and handle is amazing. Nothing gets by her with out her knowing. Her administration skills keep this team in check. Shannon’s 22 years of business administration and book keeping make for a solid foundation. Her forensic ability leaves nothing unturned and she always has the answers

• Menu Planning
• Interviewing/Hiring
• Point of Sale
• Employee Manuals

“A Restaurant is only as good as its food and staff” Joanne has been linked to the restaurant industry for over 25 years. Her love of food, fine wine and great service set the bar high for this consultant. Being a previous restaurateur gave her an early education on perfecting her art in the food industry. Her vast resume of successful endeavors are endless. She prides herself in menu planning, staff interviewing, hiring point of sale and creating employee manuals. Our teams design and Joanne’s experience makes a recipe for success.



Design - Manage - Build
JBD proudly developed the unprecedented "Design, Manage, Build" program for our clients. 'dMb' harmoniously unites acomplished professionals who are committed to high standards of excellence. Working together under one umbrella, this unified group strategicaly streamlines skills and communications for the delivery of successful projects from concept to completion.

- Concepts
- Decor
- Design Development
- Construction drawings
- Millwork drawings
- Detail drawings
- Specifications
- Renderings
- colour boards
- Graphics & branding
- Signage
- Staging

- Initial client meeting
- Site visit
- Review existing documentation
- Proposal
- Budgeting allowances
- Project production scheduling
- Design review
- Specification review
- Final package review
- Purchasing

- Plan review
- Site review
- Construction package review
- Scope of work development
- Costing
- Quoting
- Negotiations
- Warrantee acquisitions
- Ordering
- Handling
- Shipping
- Receiving
- Tendering
- Construction schedule
- Contracting
- Payment schedules
- Co-ordinations
- Administration
- Project binder
- Project close-out

- Project initiation
- Trade co-ordinations
- Schedule management
- Site inspections
- Payment management & approvals
- Contract adherence
- Drawing adherence
- Specification adherence
- Trouble shooting
- Change orders
- Addendas
- Negotiations
- Site safety

FAST TRACK projects

JBD has pioneered the complete fasttrack design process. Using breakthrough build processes and our advanced finishing seletion model, JBD delivers complete custom home packages catered to both time and budget.

If I told you your custom home could be up to lock up in as little as three days….
If I told you, that you could have a professional designer specification and décor finished package that’s affordable…
Would you embrace the future?

Fast Track Building is a wave of the future. If you are building your custom home, a multiple of homes or a three story apartment project you need to explore our connection with the latest in prefabricated custom technology. This process was formulated threw years of work and has a proven record of success. Engineered meticulously with the highest quality of standards and the latest in computer technology this construction package will eliminate constant challenges in the framing process to lockup.

- Quality control
- Product waste and savings
- Costing issues and savings
- Delays due to weather and labor shortages
- Easy to construct in record time

Time is money and a well executed project is critical. I encourage you to watch the Video, and see for yourself an example of why this works.

For further information please call us or send us your plans to quote, and upon acceptance we can have your project ready for weeks. Form six to eight weeks. Tours of our plant are available by request.

Fast Track Décor is a process that is long overdue. Working in the interior design industry for many years, we see common frustrations occur. For this reason we have been developing Fast Track Décor. So often clients feel they cannot afford that designer look so they venture out on their own to create it. T.V. shows tend to make it all look easy, and the client fails to realize that it is easy for a designer who has been doing this for years. Mistakes can happen and when they do it sometimes costs the clients thousands of dollars. Our contractor tells us to work on our finishes. With our busy lives those weeks creep up and we panic last minute trying to make extremely important choices. Fast Track was designed to make your Décor choices

- easy to understand
- affordable
- a great designer look
- current design
- saves you time and money

Our program starts as low as $499.00 and offers you great selections and custom options. I encourage you to watch our video and see for yourselves how the program works. For further information please contact our office.



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"JBD Design Group a full service Company"
"Something new is on the horizon, with you in mind"
- featuring JBD Design Group & Carrington Texsada Villas

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"JBD Design group a cut above"

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"JBD is re-inventing the interior design industry.

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Nanaimo pair sets sights on international markets.

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Women's Business Network
Amber Harris as a guest speaker.


Westhills -
Westhills lands are comprised of 517 acres in Langford, B.C. and a forefront leader
in green development.

The community plan is based on traditional neighbourhood design and lead
neighborhood development. We are presently working on phase I of this
sustainable twenty year project.

Newway corporate offices -
This Vancouver based international company is all about concrete. JBD created
their corporate offices in keeping with a sleek but warm contemporary feel

McDonalds Restaurants -
Our company changed the mold in design for this food mogul. Over the last
decade, our team has continued to deliver above and beyond with new innovative
design and graphics.

Carrington Communities -
Texada View Villa is located in the north of Nanaimo and is comprised of two "L"
shaped buildings. Each contains 89 living units. This design was created with
'West Coast Living' in mind. Texture, natural materials and a calming pallet set
the tone for this design.

Pacific Sands -
Nestled into the heart of Tofino is one of Vancouver's great hideaways. This 30 year
old resort has been an ongoing project for the JBD Design Group. We wanted to
bring the beauty of nature indoors, and our team did just that using furniture made
from old timber, natural slate and natural fibers.

Nanaimo Regional Hospital - Pediatrics Unit

Our goal was to make children's stays in the hospital feel more like home.
We took exciting colors, and worked with a medium pallet to give a feeling of
comfort and security. The project has been a great success, and the JBD team
is proud to have contributed in such a positive way to our community.

Coast Hotels & Resorts -
We have worked on various coast projects. Our team is especially proud of the
restoratoin of the Coast Bastion in Nanaimo. This timeless design has a warm and
organic representation.

Minnoz -
This Coast Restaurant design was a new stepping stone for the Coast Bastion Inn.
The design, branding and logo is only part of our design team's vision. Our team
took it one step further and worked with the staff and management to co-ordinate
menu ideas and staff presentation for a total success story.

eye etiquette -
Our team's goal was to take a eyeware store and give the consumer a unique and
fun experience. This new concept has put the present owner on the map in the
eyeware industry.

Caramel Tanning Lounge
JBD wanted to give the town of Ladysmith, BC something to talk about. Caramel's
design is unique and is worth checking out. The lounge feel that was created just
makes you want more.

The Foothills -
The 1900 acre project is a prototype for future sustainable villages. UBC and The
Foothills have spent years of careful planning to delop the footprint of this
outstanding lead project. We are currently developing the first custom home in
accordance to The Foothills guidelines.


This smaller town house development made a benchmark for the highest price per
square foot in Nanaimo for this type of development with an upscale timeless
design delivered by our team.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Amber and all of her staff at
JBD Design.

Their expertise in design and attention to detail has made my store the "talk of the Eyewear
Industry". I appreciate very much the time they took to asses my personal style and design
a concept for my store that is both professional yet warm and inviting to all. Amber with her
busy schedule even took the time to meet with me after hours...what great customer service!
They also worked efficiently to keep within my budget and tight time lines.

I receive compliments on a daily basis about the look and feel of the store and gladly
recommend the services of JBD Design to anyone.

Thanks again for your exceptional work!

Carolin Roussel
eye etiquette optical boutique



Now that completion of The Villas at Pacific Sands is drawing near, I just wanted to take
a moment to thank you and your Design Team for a remarkably outstanding job. Our
family has been in the hospitality business for over 30 years, focusing on meeting or
exceeding the expectations of our guests, however this time, it was my expectations that
were truly exceeded!

Your previous project with us, the Light House Suites, was exceptional but with this latest
project, The Villas at Pacific Sands, your Design Team have created an interior space unlike
any other in the Tofino area.

Right from the start of the Project your artistic vision and communication skills with the
entire Project Team were truly remarkable and your extensive network with local craftsman
and manufacturers provided me an opportunity to see first hand the quality and attention
to detail put into each piece of custom designed piece.

During the course of construction specs had to be verified or sometimes changed and without
hesitation or delays, I found your team to be more than accommodating. Karen's ability to
provide us with copies of all quotes, deposits and payments was accurate and detailed
throughout the entire project.

I wish you and your Design Team the very best and look forward to working with you again
on future upgrades or expansion.

Yours very truly,
Dave Pettinger
Pacific Sands Beach Resort


JBD Design Group

#4-1850 Northfield Rd.
Nanaimo BC, V9S 3B3

Phone: 250-756-4646
Fax: 250-758-0270

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